Meteorology (Accreditation for Experienced)

Training Description

This ATSEP basic training is provided as an online-video course with focus on the domain Meteorology. Specially compiled for experienced ATSEP who have not yet completed formal accreditation. This training is ICAO Doc 10057 and EASA 2017/373 compliant and designed to achieve the minimum requirements for the technical domain Meteorology the ATSEP is working.


Students will have access to the online Training Zone for 10 consecutive calendar days in which the training can be completed in their own pace.


CHF 790 per student (CHF1.00 = approx. USD1.00)
Prices excl VAT, subject to change

Number of Students

Minimum:  1
Maximum: no limits

Course Start

You can start training any time upon course payment


Worldwide (online video training)


Course confirmation

Upon completion of the course and the final exam achieving 75% and above, the successful student will receive a course ‘Certificate ATSEP Basic Training’ outlining the subjects completed.
Students achieving 60%-74% will be offered to resit the exam within the assigned 10 training days.
Students achieving less than 60% will receive a ‘Confirmation of Attendance’ outlining the subjects completed.


Experience and understanding of their technical working environment.
An adequate English level (KET A2 and higher) and a technical background or education is required. Bring your own electronic device.
Internet access with downstream speed >10Mb/sec.
Pdf reader software.